Consulting Information

 Bay-O-Wolf Corporation, has over 30 years IT experience and over 25 years of consulting/Training experience and can provide consulting services on ITIL® Training, Process Development, Assessments, Gap Analysis, or Framework mentoring.

We provide the most flexibility for consultations, utilizing a combination of on-site and virtual enviroments to reduce unnecessary expenses. This combination allows for the least amount of intrusion into your daily workplace, while focusing on the creation and development of the materials that you are requiring for an output.

Bay-O-Wolf Corporation, has developed several packages for consulting, that are open to customization for your particular industry and pain-point needs. We are constantly updating and developing variables for packaging based on the changing technologies, as well as global corporation approaches.

The current listing of packages are:

  • Enterprise Training & Development
  • Understanding the Process Documentation Cycle
  • Developing a Collaboration environment for your SKMS (Service Knowledge Management System)
  • Process Assessment
  • Gap Analysis for Processes or Services
  • Knowledge Management Workshops -- Development


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