Customized Training Information

Bay-O-Wolf Corporation provides the flexibility that most corporate clients need to setup a training plan, or program for ITIL® 2011 Edition Certfication and Career Paths.

We can provide you with a excellence in training and development needs.  Some of the options can include:

  • A Training Plan for the organization -- including setting skill-set level by process/service alignment
  • Private sessions with additional information geared towards your current environment and expectations of your IT services
  • Creating a customized schedule based on students availability for training
  • Flexibility in time-day scheduling of private course sessions
  • Maintaining and providing a report on training statistics: 
    • Roster of Attendees
    • Pass/Fail statistics
    • *Participlation Report on virtual courses
    • Evaluation summations of training courses
  • Combination of Training and mentoring consultation for implementation
  • Assistance with an ITIL® Awareness training Plan -- this includes considering business representatives as well as IT support and development staff with Overviews for non-credit information courses in conjunction with ITIL® 2011 Edition Certification Courses
  • Development of customized workshops for teams or groups who have to deliver or support IT services

 If you are interested in more information please fill out our Customization Training Sign-Up Form